Material Science Laboratory


The Material Science Laboratory does research on surface treatments and material used in industry; such as paint, adhesion, composites as it applies to molding processes, thin and multi coating through PVD, PECVD, projection or laser treatments, emerging technological processes as related to microelectronics, micro sensors, micro fluidity and Microsystems.



Computer Science Laboratory


The Computer Science Laboratory does research in the areas of imaging. This includes image analysis - 2D & 3D, virtual and augmented reality. These studies are directly applied in the following areas: machine vision, biomedical imaging, simulators, image processing, serious games... The Department of Computer Science also works on the issue of security and monitoring, in particular for the elderly. These studies are focused on developing applications using multiple depth sensors to detect falls and reckon physical and physiological parameters of observed individuals, which involves real-time detection, tracking and data fusion, along with advanced image processing.



Electronics and Telecommunications Laboratory


The Electronics and Telecommunications Laboratory does research on global network transmission optimization, channel estimation techniques, non linearity correction techniques at emission side, multiple sensors processing for encoding techniques, study on peak factor reduction on modulated signals.