Applied and at an advanced level


Our school is first and foremost an engineering school and as such, our scientific research is closely linked to our engineering students. This research must be scientific in nature, applied and at an advanced level. The financing of this research is as independent as possible and must take into account the following: operational costs, the length of time of the research, the time spent by the professor/researcher, the time spent by the outside contractual researcher should they be needed.

The research is done in the school's own laboratories using our own equipment. At this time (through our own means) we have been able to set up 2 internal laboratories, each which function with either our industrial partners or other academic institutions.

Our research activities have been developed since 2004 by grouping together the various Research & Development activities which we have been doing since the start of the school which has allowed us to highlight the scientific research skills of our staff.

At the moment, our areas of competence are focused around 4 main branches of research (2 per laboratory):

  • Material and surface science oriented towards surface treatment
  • Industrial engineering and development oriented towards innovation and management work groups
  • Electronics and telecommunications oriented towards numerical signal treatment
  • Computer technologies and systems oriented towards vision and image synthesis.


How Research is structured at ECAM Rennes


For the past few years, a new hiring policy has been set up with the goal of increasing the output of scientific research by our professor/researchers. Their job descriptions require the supervision of research projects, research project development and activity as well as a requirement to publish their research in professional publications and present their work at various conferences. The goal of these policies is to ensure the production of both scientific research and publications from our two laboratories on a regular basis as well as to allow our professor/researchers to obtain accreditation as research project supervisors.


At this time our school has 20 professors whom participate in R&D activities which involve at least the supervision of Industrial projects (60 industrial projects per year, equal to 500 student work hours per project).

Of the aforementioned professors, 9 professor/researchers participate directly in scientific research.

Recently, 3 doctoral candidates supervised by various researchers here at ECAM received their doctoral degree and 2 new doctoral theses are under way.


On a final note, ECAM Rennes is a member of 3 different Regional Research/Competitiveness Groups which correspond closely to our educational specialization: EMC², ID4car and Imagery and Networks.