Future students

Incoming students


For incoming students, applications can be as an ERASMUS+ student, as an Exchange Student or as a Visiting Student.

International students

The ERASMUS+ program is designed for students coming from institutions in countries members of the European Community having a contract with ECAM Rennes.

More information : http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/​

All institutions with whom ECAM Rennes has a contract (other than erasmus+) is eligible to send their students (with limited number of participants).

Student can study at ECAM Rennes as Visiting Students by coming from schools or universities with whom ECAM Rennes has no contract.

In all situations, the student and ECAM Rennes set up a Study Agreement. Such contract allows students to stay for a maximum of one academic year at the host university. All the credits acquired and validated here will be transferred to the partner university.

If you are not enrolled in any academic institution and you would like to study at ECAM Rennes to obtain a French Diploma of Engineering, you have to enroll as a regular student.


More information, check this page and contact us.