Industrial engineering

A 5-year program leading to a Master's in Engineering: 2 years of preparatory studies focusing on maths & physics followed by 3 years of technical & scientific courses leading to a generalist engineering diploma.


Why study at ECAM Rennes?


  • ECAM Rennes is a multi-disciplinary engineering school covering a wide range of competencies.
  • A Scientific and Technical Education: Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Computer Science and Material Science.
  • Teaching of Scientific subjects as well as managerial knowledge as it relates to engineering
  • ECAM Rennes is a member of the ECAM Group as well as of the network of French Grandes Ecoles which brings together higher education with a perspective of excellence in education.
  • Internationally, ECAM Rennes is an affiliate member of the Lasallian Universities Network whose educational principles are based on respect, community, justice and solidarity.


Professional assets


At ECAM Rennes, we want our students to better understand industry through our curriculum. As part of our education program, all students are required to select a mentor. This mentor should be a practicing professionnal who is able to provide advice and insights into the professionnal world in which engineers operate.


Internships are a core aspect of the program taught at ECAM Rennes. The students carry out at least 4 internships in order to better understand the world business as well as practice the skills acquired at ECAM Rennes. This also helps the students develop their own personnal/professionnal network. Learn more about Internships


Technical projects represent an additional "course" in order to learn how to be efficient in project management. This project for a company helps the students to better understand the role between an engineer and their client/customer. This provides them with the skills to better analyse the client's needs, resources and help them choose the best solution.





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Our engineering programme 

  • is anchored in mathematics and fundamental sciences
  • is a balanced combination of courses in engineering techniques, management, general education and foreign languages
  • includes extended periods of industrial experience


First Year : acquirement of tools & general education

To develop a sound foundation in mathematics, physics and computer science, acquired in preparatory school, into a powerful tool capable of handling techniques studied in the second year. In the summer, students are obliged to do an international internship.


Second Year: how to be a professional

To develop a specific knowledge foundation in the four technical fields:  Automated Production Science, Professional Electronics, Computer Science, Material Science. In the summer, students are obliged to do a technical internship.


Third Year: core course & career objective

To develop expertise in one of the four areas :

  • Automated Production Science : applied to mechanics, robotics, automation, leading current production processes.
  • Telecommunications/Electronics : applied to the fields of detection and telecommunications.
  • Computer Science : applied to real time systems and numerical simulation.
  • Material Science, applied to new materials : ceramics, compound materials, special polymeres, optic fibres and new techniques : thin layer disposition, ionic implantation...

Students may opt to do their final year of studies overseas with one of our international exchange partners or they may choose to do a dual-diploma at one of our a partner schools. 

All students are obliged to do a six month engineering internship before graduation.

Learn more about Internships

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