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  • Average 1st job search time: within 2 months of graduation for more than 93% of our graduates.
  • Starting average salary before taxes: 36,000€ per year.
  • ECAM Rennes engineers work in the following fields: design, conception, innovation, production, engineering methods, quality and maintenance.
  • ECAM Rennes engineers generally find work in the following sectors: aeronautics, food processing, automotive, biomedical, civil engineering, energy, environment, IT and consultancy firms and telecommunications. 
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Engineer: more than just a job


In France, to be an engineer first means to practice a profession that requires a high level of technical expertise, directly or indirectly bound to producing goods or services for the community. An engineer designs new products, has a manufacturing responsibility or can be a project manager. They may define technologies and/or methods being used or simply defend them, if need be. That's how they differ from a technician who only implements in conformance with pre-defined guidelines.

To be an engineer has a second meaning: and that means having studied a varied curriculum that includes but is not limited to, scientific, technical, human relations and management studies.

We stress these two definitions since they sometimes don't overlap within companies:

  • the career of graduate engineers often leads them to managerial positions where technical aspects may disappear or, at least, be reduced...

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Graduate engineer: a title controlled by law

Only a higher education university may only confer an engineering degree if it has been accredeted to do so by a special committee under the control of the Minister of Education : the Accreditation Board for Engineering Degrees (CTI), created by the law of July 10, 1934.

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